Food & Nutrition

We ensure all our folks at Belmont House have a balanced nutritional diet for healthy living.

Our meals are prepared on site daily using a variety of meats, fish, fruit and vegetables purchased from local suppliers. Homemade cakes and puddings are a favourite with our folks with lunch or supper and a cup of tea. Hot and cold beverages are served throughout the day at the residents request to include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Horlicks or herbal tea.


Assessments are carried out with the residents to identify their likes and dislikes which is recorded in the kitchen menu file. We are able to cater for a variety of diets to include diabetics, celiac and vegetarians. For those residents having difficulties eating their meals the food can be specially prepared to ensure a good nutritional intake and safety when eating.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be taken in the dinning room or in the residents room.

Here is what a typical weeks menu will look like:

 E = Contains Eggs
F = Contains Fish
G = Gluten Free
N = Contains Nut
V = Vegetarian


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice V G
  • The choice of two homemade quiches, sauté or mash, green beans or baked beans V E
  • Lemon drizzle cake with custard or ice-cream V E
  • Tea cakes or sandwich of choice, yoghurts, fruit and cake. V


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice V G
  • Pork hot pot with sliced potatoes, option of mash and veg of the day. G
  • Peach Melba and ice-cream V
  • Ploughman’s or sandwich of choice, yoghurts fruit and cakes


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice V G
  • White fish or smoked haddock, sauté or mash, carrots and peas or baked beans, alternative of salad G F
  • Delight crunch with cream or ice cream. V
  • Fried, scrambled, poached or boiled egg or cheese on toast with yoghurts fruit and cakes. E


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice V G
  • Chicken pie or sausages with mash or roast potatoes and veg of the day.
  • Rice pudding with jam or ice-cream
  • Sweet or savory crumpet or sandwich of choice with yoghurts, fruit and cakes. V


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice. V G
  • Home-made battered fish, scampi, fish fingers or fish cake with mushy or garden peas and chips or mash potato. G F
  • Fresh fruit salad with custard or ice-cream.
  • Mushroom, tomatoes or both on toast with yoghurts fruit and cakes. V


  • Soup of the Day or Fruit Juice V G
  • All day breakfast suited to your choice with sauté or mash potato.
  • Chefs choice of pudding.
  • Selection of sandwiches with nibbles with yoghurts fruit and cakes V


  • Fresh Melon or Fruit Juice with sherry or wine.
  • Roast of the Day – Mash or Roast Pots – Veg of the Day
  • Sherry Trifle with cream or Ice Cream
  • Soup with bread and butter with fruit, yoghurts and cakes.
Our menu can be adapted to the preferences of our residents when required.
For special occasions such as Birthday’s a buffet and gateau will be provided.